Point of Sale as-a-Service (POSaaS)

Choose affordable, feature-rich POS as-a-Service with FREE lifetime updates

In the hospitality industry, POS as-a-Service (POSaaS) is point of sale hardware and software that is licensed on a subscription basis. This service model is perfect for new and growing restaurants that do not have the upfront capital for an outright purchase, but still require the functionality of a traditional point of sale system.

Restaurant Service Solutions recognized the need for a robust, feature-rich as-a-Service program in the hospitality industry, and put together a solution bundle that is ideal for new and expanding restaurants. Our solution is a proven next step for restaurant operators looking to replace an outdated POS system or cash register.

The Benefits of POS as-a-Service

Better than POS Lease or POS Rental

Our POSaaS model provides a variety of benefits to restaurant owners:

  • Local service and support
  • upfront costs and affordable monthly payments
  • POS software that pays for itself with each transaction
  • FREE lifetime updates that automatically provide you with the latest features
  • Scalable software that can grow with your restaurant
  • Data that is secured by PCI-compliant software
  • Access to your restaurant data anytime, anywhere, with an Internet connection

POS as-a-Service differs from POS lease or POS rental in ways that also provide benefits to restaurant owners. POS rental often includes only equipment, and a POS lease usually does not include maintenance or updates. POS as-a-Service truly gives you an entire point of sale system for a subscription cost, including system updates and routine maintenance. Our team of experienced restaurant POS providers can share more information on the benefits of the as-a-Service model compared to POS lease or POS rental.


Is Our POS as-a-Service Program Right for You?

If you are considering a POS system purchase or upgrade for your restaurant, these factors can help you determine if POS as-a-Service is the right option for your restaurant:
  • Your business needs the functionality of a complete POS system.
  • Your budget won’t support a POS system purchase or ongoing service or maintenance costs.
  • Your business is growing or changing and you are concerned a system you purchase today may not meet future needs.
  • You do not have the in-house resources to maintain and keep POS hardware and software up to date.

Interested in learning more?

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