Drive-Thru Order Confirmation Systems

In order to retain loyal customers, speed and accuracy are primary concerns for quick service restaurants. Order confirmation systems that include drive-thru menu boards and order confirmation boards enable your customers to see their order information for verification. They also provide you with the ability to display high resolution color advertisements to market and upsell other products and specials to your patrons.

Why use order confirmation systems?

Your drive-thru will be running smoothly with an order confirmation system

Improve customer satisfaction with faster and more accurate orders. Drive-thru order confirmation boards provide multiple customizable point-of-purchase (POP) advertisements to influence sales and promote products.

Order confirmation systems can actually pay for themselves over time, because they increase sales with POP marketing and decrease waste from order mistakes. For example, if a drive-thru order confirmation board allows you to process six more cars a day, with an average check of four dollars, that amounts to 24 dollars a day and 8,760 dollars a year—and that’s not including increased sales from POP marketing and upselling or decreased waste with customer verification.

Benefits of drive-thru order confirmation boards:

  • >Display detailed order information, including modifications, price, tax, total, and other customizable options
  • >Improve service speed with easy customer validation
  • >Increase order accuracy, saving you the cost of wasted products
  • >Improve customer satisfaction
  • >Increase sales with POP marketing that promotes products and specials
  • Deter employee theft by using itemized statistics

Techknow OCS-300 Drive-Thru Order Confirmation System

The Techknow OCS-300 Drive-Thru Confirmation System is integrated with Techknow’s Enterprise Management Software (TEMS). This software enables you to easily manage your order confirmation systems, including menu items, POP graphics, and promotions. The Techknow OCS-300 includes a variety of features both you and your customers will appreciate.

  • The only system with a 17-inch LCD display, showcasing 25 lines of text without scrolling
  • Easily visible, even in direct sunlight, thanks to bright display
  • Highest satisfaction in audio clarity in the industry
  • Customizable, full color POP graphics of limited time promotions, new products and more

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