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Choosing a payment solutions provider can be a daunting task, and many restaurant owners worry that accepting more payment methods could over-complicate how they process them. However, implementing an integrated payment processing solution in your point of sale system can take the hassle out of accepting a variety of payment options and open your business up to many more opportunities.

New technologies like NFC and EMV are playing an increasingly important role in payment processing for quick service restaurants. The POS software products offered by RSS are EMV-ready and allow businesses to accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other mobile payment options that run on NFC technology, so you and your customers will be protected from credit card fraud and theft. In addition, these payment options allow transactions to be completed more quickly – which is vital to success in the quick service industry.

Why should your restaurant offer a gift card program?

Gift cards make for loyal customers

Our POS software makes it easy to offer gift cards, track balances, and redeem them at the point of sale. These gift cards are compatible with single-unit restaurants and multi-unit chains, and our software can even convert existing third-party or in house gift cards.  Our high-speed authorizations allow customers to use the gift cards immediately, and they can be reloaded whenever the customer would like.

Consider this—6 out of 10 Americans said that they would like to receive a restaurant gift card, according to the National Restaurant Association. Your business can tap into that potential revenue with a merchant account. POS systems that are integrated with a merchant account will allow you to provide a variety of payment options and offer your own gift cards and store loyalty cards. Often, merchant accounts that integrate gift card programs result in cost-savings benefits for merchants as opposed to a third-party solution. Meanwhile, you’ll build a stronger relationship with your client base, and your customers will be pleased to have more options.

Benefits of our integrated payment processing services:

  • Proud partner of Mercury Merchant Services
  • Greatly discounted basic PCI protection bundle
  • Guaranteed lowest costs on your processing services
  • No application, setup, annual, or termination fees
  • One-on-one guidance throughout the application and setup process
  • Continued customer and technical support

Mercury Merchant Services

Our partnership with Mercury’s award-winning merchant services will provide you with fast, reliable, and secure payment processing. With Mercury payment processing built right into your POS system, not only will you be able to accept the most common cards, but you’ll also be able to support promotional payment options.

Not sure how to navigate PCI Compliance regulations? RSS can assist with that, too. With our PCI security solution, you’ll be able to quickly and easily achieve PCI compliance, as well as maintain your protection.

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