Drive-Thru Timer Systems

In the quick service restaurant industry, time is money, so you want to ensure customers are served quickly and effectively. With a drive-thru timer system, you’ll be able to identify problems in real-time, so your staff can quickly adapt to changing conditions, improving speed of service and providing a strong return on investment.

Why Use a Drive-thru Timer System?

Provide Graphical Representation

Drive-thru timer systems offer a live graphical representation of what’s happening in your drive-thru. This immediate feedback allows you to monitor drive-thru management. It also enables you to receive statistical reports to better understand your operations’ trends and set realistic goals for your organization. Our drive-thru timer systems are completely customizable, and can be tailored to meet the needs of your store’s operations.

Live Visual Data

Empower Your Managers

Managers will feel empowered to monitor employee performance using constant, real-time reporting as well as customizable reports to measure service goals by day or part of day. Easily customize your system to meet your business’ specific needs and goals. Managers can identify trends and anticipate problems, allowing them to better motivate employees and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Empowering Reports

Enjoy these Benefits

  • Improve speed of service and increase customer satisfaction
  • Count the number of cars in your drive-thru
  • Identify bottlenecks and roadblocks
  • Track drive-thru performance by day or multiple times of day
  • Easily set goals by day or time of day
  • Generate downloadable reports at multiple locations
  • Measure staff performance
  • Deter theft by using itemized statistics

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