The Benefits of Kitchen Video Systems

Written by  on 12 May 2015

A restaurant’s success is contingent on the effectiveness of its kitchen. In order to meet the high demands of your customers, it’s important to ensure a smooth process from order to delivery. Implementing kitchen video systems could improve your restaurant’s overall success.

What is a Kitchen Video System?
Kitchen video systems connect to the point of sale (POS) terminal of your restaurant. Orders that are entered into the POS terminal are displayed on durable monitors in the kitchen. The kitchen staff can then scroll through the orders using a bump bar and a controller.

The kitchen video system can then sort orders by station or location and prioritize them based on the criteria you select, like timestamps or destination. When an order is complete, employees can clear the screen using the bump bar.

Higher Customer Satisfaction
“The customer is always right,” the mantra goes. So how can you ensure that your customer is receiving exactly what they want and how they want it? It’s simple, kitchen video systems.

Installing a kitchen video system ensures guests will receive food quickly and accurately. The system enables staff to time orders, so all items are completed at the same time and no one is left waiting for part of their order.

Superior Order Accuracy
Kitchen video systems prevent errors. Handwritten tickets can be difficult to read, resulting in slower prep times and order mistakes. By upgrading to this technology, kitchen staff will be notified when an order is changed or deleted, saving you from wasting manpower or ingredients.

Implementing a kitchen video system can also increase your restaurant’s order consistency. Orders that are displayed on the monitor can be broken down into ingredients with build instructions for staff members. Your customers will be pleased that their favorite dish is consistently delicious.

Increased Productivity
With kitchen video systems, you can say good-bye to the days where kitchen staff is left waiting for a handwritten ticket to be delivered, only to have to decipher the cashier’s handwriting. Instead, items can start being prepared as soon as the order is placed.

Staff will be more aware of time management, because the system will provide alerts when items should be moving on to the next prep station. For even more efficiency, items can be configured to automatically reroute to a different station if one area becomes overburdened.

Guests will be more satisfied with this quick service, and you’ll be able to serve more customers, which means a better bottom line.

Improved Management
Kitchen video systems allow you to run reports and better analyze your kitchen operations. Managers can also view waiting times and production information, so problem areas can be determined and corrected, improving the overall functionality of your restaurant.

Upgrading to this technology is also an environmentally friendly solution. By eliminating physical tickets, you’ll face less paper waste.

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