Why Every Restaurant Needs a Kitchen Display System

Written by  on 26 July 2016

While many restaurants have improved service in the front of establishment using new point of sale (POS) solutions, the process of getting orders to the kitchen is still very old fashioned. If your wait staff is still handing written tickets through a window or attaching them to a wheel, you’ve left yourself open to costly mistakes and inefficiencies.

By replacing these manual order processing systems with a modern kitchen display system, you can improve accuracy, boost productivity, and increase customer satisfaction at your restaurant. Kitchen display systems can be integrated with your POS terminal, so orders are immediately displayed on monitors in the kitchen. The kitchen staff can scroll through orders using a bump bar and a controller, and orders can be sorted by station or location, and then prioritized based on custom criteria (timestamps, destination, etc.). This streamlines kitchen processes by eliminating unreadable tickets or lost printouts. Orders are more accurate and more efficiently distributed to the right prep station at the right time. The system can also issue visible and audible alerts if a meal hasn’t been prepared within the correct time frame or if part of an order is missing.

Improve Customer Service

Kitchen display systems can be pre-loaded with all of your menu information, so that kitchen staff can see everything they need to know about each order (including all of the ingredients and meal prep instructions). All of the tickets are fully visible on a large screen in one central location. If there are changes to an order, that information is communicated to the kitchen quickly so that the staff can quickly adjust before the food reaches the customer. This level of accuracy improves customer service, minimizes food waste, and makes life easier on wait staff and kitchen staff alike.

A kitchen display system can also be configured to monitor ingredient inventory levels based on order volume. Alerts can then be issued in real-time when supplies should be re-ordered.

With a full view of all orders, cooks and chefs can more effectively prep and then prepare meals. Different parts of each order can even be routed to specific stations in the kitchen, which further increases efficiency. Once the order is complete, the orders can then be sent by destination, ensuring that every customer gets an accurate order in a timely fashion.

Kitchen display systems also make it easier to adjust order priorities dynamically. If additional customers join a table that has already placed an order, those new orders can be prioritized and moved up in the queue so that everyone at the table gets their meal at the same time. That’s because these solutions allow staff to easily move and reprioritize orders.

A Time-Saving, More Efficient Kitchen

If an order is at risk of falling behind an acceptable preparation time, part of that order can be shifted to a different station. The display can also be customized so that order details or status can be easily distinguished using colors, fonts, or other formatting.

The impact on kitchen efficiency can be dramatic. By making it easier to manage orders, restaurants can absorb an increase in traffic without having to expand the kitchen staff.

Using a kitchen display system integrated with your POS can improve ticket times, volumes, and accuracy, while also boosting the efficiency of wait staff and kitchen staff. It also eliminates the need for expensive printers, as well as reliance on inefficient manual processes that require written tickets and calling out orders.

A more accurate and productive kitchen improves customer satisfaction and makes it easier to boost ticket volume with less staff. For more information about how kitchen display systems can benefit your restaurant, click here.

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