Should Your Restaurant Utilize Mobile POS?

Written by  on 30 June 2016

POS Buyers GuideThe mobile point of sale (POS) system market is exploding, with analyst firm 451 Research predicting the global installed base of mobile POS devices will increase by 400 percent, growing from 13 million units in 2015 to 54 million units in 2019. These solutions have been installed in plenty of restaurants, but are they the right fit for your business?

If you have limited space or your restaurant is frequently crowded, a mobile POS system can help expand your checkout capabilities without eating up valuable floor space. These solutions can also increase efficiency and make it easier for your wait staff to do their jobs.

If you are contemplating a mobile POS solution, consider the potential benefits:

Efficiency: Having POS capabilities that travel with the wait staff can reduce lines and bottlenecks at the register, and staff can even check out multiple customers at once.

Employees can accept payment and access information from the table without traveling back and forth to the register or the kitchen. If customers have questions about the menu, staff can look up important information about ingredients, food allergies, or preparation techniques that might affect which dishes they purchase.

Accuracy: With mobile POS there are no more scribbled tickets. Customers can be assured that their orders were taken and accurately communicated to the kitchen right from the point of ordering. That reduces confusion and food waste in the kitchen, as well.

Faster Service: These solutions can speed preparation times by allowing staff to send order tickets directly to printers in the kitchen. This improves ordering efficiency because your wait staff no longer has to take hand-written tickets to the kitchen or retype information into fixed workstations. Because they aren’t walking to the kitchen as frequently, wait staff also have more time to service their tables.

Flexibility: With mobility, you can easily establish payment stations on patios, at catered events, or at a pop-up takeout station. You can also more easily shift the layout of your facility if the POS station isn’t fixed. Mobile POS systems can also be configured to work offline or using an alternate router so that you can keep accepting payment even there is a network failure.

Security: Wait staff wont’ have to leave customers’ tables with their credit cards, reducing the possibility of theft or fraud. Staff can easily split bills on the tablet at the table, accept payment, obtain signatures on the device, and generate printed or e-mailed receipts quickly and efficiently, all in front of the customer.

Morale: Staff will be happier because can do their jobs more effectively. In some cases, these solutions allow guests to choose from a list of suggested tip percentages, which can increase the frequency and amount of tips.

All of these improvements will result in improved customer service, happier diners, and, potentially, more revenue. Mobile POS is a cost-effective and appealing alternative to traditional systems, particularly for new restaurants that are trying to save start-up costs. Even if you plan to maintain your current POS solution, adding mobile capabilities can provide significant improvements for your staff and customers.

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