How to Make Your Fast Food Drive-Thru More Efficient and Accurate

Written by  on 01 April 2016

With up to 70 percent your fast food restaurant business taking place at the drive-thru, this is definitely an area that deserves your attention. Your customers choose the drive-thru for convenience and expect the quickest, most accurate service possible, and technology can help you deliver. Here are five ways tech solutions can enhance fast food drive-thru service and boost efficiency and accuracy:

1. Presell and menu boards. When customers pull into a fast food drive-thru, the first thing they do it look for a menu board. Consider a presell board ahead of the speaker where they can look at the menu while they wait in line. This can get customers ready to make their order when they pull up to the speaker — shaving time off the ordering process. Presell and menu boards should be easy to read and easy to understand. Images and large font sizes can help drivers and their passengers see choices at a distance. Also, make sure the boards are easy to read in direct sunlight as well as at night and that menu items and pricing are up to date. Using digital signage integrated with your POS system allows you to update them instantly and keep the content of the boards fresh.

2. Wireless headsets and high quality speakers. Good communication between the customer and your staff is critical to order accuracy — and to a positive customer experience. Use high-quality speakers and make sure they are in good condition, are installed for optimal performance, and are positioned as close to the driver’s window as possible. Wireless headsets enable your employees to communicate with customers without being tethered to a workstation. In addition, because your employees hear the order, they can begin filling it immediately after the order it taken, which saves time.

3. Order confirmation boards. The accuracy of fast food drive-thru orders is important — even more so than at the counter inside the restaurant. Once a customer pulls away from a fast food drive-thru, errors are more difficult to correct. Order confirmation boards allow your customers to review their orders and make corrections before they are sent to the kitchen, and they also eliminate the need to read the order back to the customer, saving time for your staff. With order confirmation boards, orders are more accurate, the process is quicker, and customers have a higher degree of satisfaction.

4. Drive-thru timers. Using drive-thru timers can have a number of benefits for a fast food drive-thru. The timers give immediate feedback to your staff, providing a reminder of their accountability to meet benchmarks for service time. Drive-thru timers also provide managers with reports on how the drive-thru is performing over time which can be used to assess staff performance or to pinpoint challenges and correct them. This information can be used for staffing — you will be able to schedule your strongest employees during your busiest times — or to compare with customer service surveys to correlate service times with accuracy and customer satisfaction.

5. Mobile payment. With mobile and in-app payment becoming more prevalent, it’s also important to consider the forms of payment you accept at the drive-thru window. Many fast food restaurants accept credit or debit cards at the drive-thru, but customers in the near future may want to use their smartphones to make mobile wallet payments or to pay through your restaurant’s app. Accepting mobile payments will decrease transaction time and, possibly, boost sales since customers won’t be limited to spending only the cash in their pockets.

Drive-thrus are all about speed and accuracy — and technology solutions can help you achieve those goals. Evaluate your fast food drive-thru’s performance and consider how technology solutions — such as digital signage, wireless headsets, order confirmation boards, drive-thru timers, and mobile payment solutions — can make a difference in your operations.

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