5 Reasons to Switch to Restaurant POS as a Service

Written by  on 03 March 2016

POS Buyers GuideUnless you haven’t been paying much attention to restaurant technology trends, you’ve almost definitely heard about the foodservice industry’s subscription-based software delivery model: POS as a service (POSaaS). Although a subscription-based model isn’t for every business, restaurant POS as a service does offer a variety of benefits. Let’s explore five of them:

  1. POS as a service offers financial advantages

Between the purchase of computer hardware and software, hardware and server setup, and software installation (not to mention training), traditional restaurant POS systems can cost a pretty penny. Add to this the necessary financial outlay for system maintenance and upgrades, and you’re looking at quite the investment.

With POS as a service, the upfront cost is generally much more affordable. Although recurring payments can add up, the cost of POSaaS is roughly equivalent to the cost of one value meal each day. With the number of operation benefits brought to the table by a point of sale system, POS as a service pays for itself in no time.

  1. POS as a service is simple to set up

When you choose POS as a service, there’s no need to engage an IT professional to handle installation on-site. You’re able to download the software from the Internet to your POS hardware once the wiring and general networking necessary to connect your terminals, printers, and any other additional equipment is complete. Most providers will come to your location to ensure that everything is operating properly and that all employees are comfortable using it, but, again, there are no actual installation and configuration headaches.

  1. POS as a service is easy to maintain and troubleshoot

Restaurant SaaS POS solutions are updated remotely and with regularity, so your establishment will always have the most up-to-date software and features. There’s no need to worry about waiting for an IT professional to come to your restaurant to handle upgrades (or remembering to do it yourself, if you’re that daring) and the cost is usually included in your monthly subscription. Improvements can even occur without interfering with your ability to serve customers.

Similarly, a significant portion of POS troubleshooting can be done by the vendor through the Internet, often in a short period of time. And if anything breaks, the POS software can be downloaded onto a replacement in no time.

  1. POS as a service allows remote access to important restaurant data

The more information about your restaurant you have at your fingertips, the easier it will be to maintain control over your business. However, it’s impossible to be in two or more places at once. If you own multiple locations or need to review information or make decisions while out of the office, remote access to your data is invaluable. POSaaS solutions often include mobile applications that allow managers and owners to access everything from a phone or tablet, so information can be seen in real time.

  1. POSaaS offers a high degree of data security

In this day and age, protecting your business data as well as sensitive credit card data is paramount.  Data breaches can be catastrophic for a restaurant, interrupting the flow of your business and costing you the trust of your customers. That’s why choosing a POS as a service option that is PCI compliant is important. PCI compliance helps ensure that your entire business is protected against security breaches through centralized logging and reporting, around the clock monitoring and support, scans for vulnerability, and more.

POS as a service may not be the right option for every operator, but the variety of benefits it offers can make the difference for a number of restaurants.

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