How to Spice up Your Restaurant’s Digital Menu Boards

Written by  on 03 March 2016

Digital menu boards are a great investment for restaurants. They make it easier for customers to choose what they want to order, and the sight of delicious menu items make it tempting to order more. They can even provide entertainment, which reduces perceived wait times—leading to happier customers and increased customer loyalty. Whatever you do, make sure you take advantage of these valuable marketing tools. Here are a few things you can do to spice up your restaurant:

Using compelling graphics

The old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” definitely applies to the restaurant industry. When switching from static to digital menu boards, don’t forget to update what your menus are displaying. Continuing to use older graphics and messaging – or using static images on a digital screen – ruins the point of the new menu boards. You want to draw attention to your digital menu boards, and the way to do that is with images that make every item depicted look impossible to resist. If you aren’t creative with your digital menu boards, can you expect your customers to be impressed by them?

By the same token, switch up the images of individual items on your digital menu boards with some regularity. When they look fresh, customers will pay more attention to them.

Incorporating full-motion video

Rotating images that depict your menu offerings in the most tempting light go far towards enhancing digital menu boards. However, full-motion video content—anything from clips that show food being prepared, to customers enjoying it—creates an even more compelling case for customers to try menu items they haven’t previously ordered. It can also induce diners to order an item simply because they are intrigued with the food preparation and/or dining experience they have just “witnessed” on your digital menu boards.

Including other content

There’s no question that vibrant images and full-motion video make digital menu boards more exciting, but including other types of content can keep customers occupied and make the wait times seem shorter than they actually are. For example, some restaurant operators leverage their social media presence to spice up their digital menu boards, running Twitter feeds across, or Facebook posts on, the bottom of the screens.

An additional or alternative option: A “running feed” of news and weather—or even sports scores. Once customers have figured out what they want to eat and drink, they may want this type of distraction, particularly if it will be several minutes before they can actually place or receive their order.

Depending on what your menu offers, you can even feature suggestions for personalizing various items on your bill of fare. For instance, one operator that serves a number of different specialty coffees ran a header reading, “Coffee Made Personal” on the right side of its digital menu boards. Beneath the header was a box containing a play on words, “Better Latte Than Never” and a “recipe” for a personalized coffee drink comprising the operator’s caramel latte and breakfast blends and a few chocolate flavor shots. The text was superimposed over a close-up of coffee beans and leaves.

Go big or go home

Have a lot of wall space? Optimize it—and boost the impact of your digital menu boards—by “tiling together” three, four, five, or maybe even six smaller displays on which to project HD videos.

In and of itself, replacing static menu boards with digital menu boards will make a definite difference in your profitability picture. However, the real payback will come only with extra efforts to add a little “zing” to the technology.

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