4 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales This Year

Written by  on 11 January 2016

POS Buyers GuideThe start of the year is the best time to implement new strategies for improving your restaurant’s revenue ante. There are many thinks owners can do to increase restaurant sales this year, but here are four that stand out to us:

1. Embrace new payment methods

Concern about the security of card-present transactions and a desire to avoid liability for fraudulent card-present transactions is spurring more restaurant operators to migrate to POS equipment that accommodates chip-enabled credit and debit cards. Making such a move also relieves merchants from liability for fraudulent card-present transactions in keeping with the EMV (Europay/MasterCard/Visa) liability shift, which took effect on October 1 of last year. Consumers may hesitate to patronize restaurants that cannot accept chip-enabled cards, but establishments that can handle chip card transactions will likely be able to increase restaurant sales.

Restaurants also cannot afford to ignore heightened consumer interest in utilizing mobile wallet offerings like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. The more varied your establishment’s menu of payment options, the more customers and customer loyalty you will be able to cultivate.

2. Harness social media

Another trendy way to increase restaurant sales is to utilize social media networks. This means starting and maintaining a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter (i.e., posting regular updates, publicizing special offers, and responding to others’ posts or comments) as well as tying this presence into your restaurant’s website, with invitations to “like” and “follow” and links to post reviews on Yelp. Social media can give your restaurant a personality, which allows you to interact with customers and draw in a wider audience.

3. Get tech-savvy

A number of technology trends will remain popular over the course of the year, and they must be taken into account in order for you to increase restaurant sales. Continuing a trend of recent years, customers are demanding the option to leverage mobile apps to do everything, including finding restaurants, placing orders, and paying for their meals. If you don’t have a mobile app, ensure that your restaurant’s website is mobile-responsive and can be accessed and utilized on smartphones.

As important as it is to utilize innovative customer-facing technologies, it is also important to stay up-to-date on the tech your staff uses, like the point of sale system. Utilizing a POS system that enables your staff to efficiently enter and process orders greatly improves the flow of information throughout the restaurant. The kitchen instantly receives accurate orders, and the wait staff can serve customers faster. Other robust features, like inventory and labor management, are also necessary to help you increase restaurant sales.

4. Go with the food trend flow

Obviously, tweaking your menu to reflect every new food trend isn’t feasible. Some trends simply won’t suit your establishment’s focus, operational mold, and/or customer base. However, simply ignoring what’s “in” on the food front—and the beverage front, too—will do nothing to boost revenue this year. Instead, consider which of the latest trends might resonate with your audience while simultaneously fitting your operation’s mold.

The drive to boost revenue to new heights is the mark of successful restaurants, in 2016 and going forward. The above-mentioned suggestions for accomplishing this task are only the beginning.

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