3 Ways a POS System Helps You Manage Your Restaurant Remotely

Written by  on 03 December 2015

POS Buyers GuideIt’s no secret that a POS system is the key to managing a restaurant on-site. But did you know that a POS system also plays a pivotal role in helping you to manage your establishment remotely? Let’s discuss three ways this can happen:

1. A POS system allows you to keep close, up-to-the-minute tabs on sales, inventory, labor and other important aspects of your business.

Many POS systems are configured so that restaurant owners and managers can view sales activity in real time, as well as obtain reports to identify trends, check on inventory levels, and look at real-time labor statistics. Whether you’re at another one of your locations, traveling between your restaurants, at home, on the golf course, on vacation, or pretty much anywhere, data maintained in the POS system can be at your fingertips in a few short seconds. The only requirement is access to the Internet—either on a PC or mobile device.

Without real-time, remote access to actionable information from your POS system, it’s not easy to make the best decisions for your business—whether these decisions pertain to changing the menu, ordering ingredients, tweaking employees’ schedules, or something else. Implementing solutions to small problems before they become big ones can also be a difficult proposition. However, basing decisions on actionable, accurate information and handling potential glitches proactively are imperative to proper restaurant management. With a POS system in your technology mix, doing both of these things is a snap.

2. A POS system helps you to keep a close eye on employee activity.

Employee theft—and even less nefarious activity, like malingering instead of engaging with customers and handling their requests immediately--becomes far less frequent when staff members know you may well be watching them despite your absence. Such close observation is entirely possible when you integrate security cameras and digital video recorders with your restaurant POS system.

In this type of configuration, servers’ movements are recorded as food and beverages are delivered to customers’ tables, as well as when transactions are rung up at the point of sale. Printed specifics of each order and transaction are “superimposed” onto the recording. Then, if a transaction comes under suspicion or is otherwise questioned, it can be investigated further by rewinding the recorded digital footage to the time the order was taken and viewing the combined captured images and text to identify the culprit—from a remote computer or other mobile device.

Video surveillance equipment connected to the POS system—and accessed remotely—can also quash employee theft when cameras are set to capture images of staff members as they handle cash at the POS, as well as to monitor comings and goings at the back door of your restaurant and anywhere expensive items are stored. Few employees will be brave enough to steal cash from the cash register or make off with other things if they know a camera is recording their actions—and that you may be watching them even though you’re away from the restaurant.

Your POS system can also provide insight into employee activity from afar if you take the time to review individual time and attendance records from an integrated time and attendance module. You’ll know who’s slacking off or trying to work unauthorized hours punching in and out early or late.

3. A POS system lets you manage contact with customers.

Chances are that by now, you’ve amassed a list of customers’ email addresses so you can send information about your restaurant (e.g., promotions, new menu items, special offers) to those who opt to receive such material. Maybe you even use social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, for the same purposes. If your POS system has a remote component, you can access mailing lists from an off-site computer or device and generate and send promotional pieces using that equipment. You can also push social media updates remotely through the POS system.

Of course, it’s close to impossible for you to be present in your restaurant(s) at all times, so management must sometimes happen remotely. Your POS system can help.

POS Buyers Guide

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