3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Drive-Thru Headsets

Written by  on 12 November 2015

POS Buyers GuideDrive-thru headsets are an essential part of any drive-thru operation. Having a drive-thru headset allows you to communicate with the customer at the speaker box from anywhere in the store, and you can even begin making the order while you’re taking it. However, no two headsets are alike. Here are three things to consider when purchasing drive-thru headsets for your business:

1. Features

Not all drive-thru headsets are created equal. Some have certain features that may be desirable for your business.

Wireless vs. Wired

Wireless drive-thru headsets have a significant advantage over traditional ones because, with traditional headsets, you have to wear a battery pack on your waist and try not to catch the cord on anything as you work (or your headset could be ripped off your head). There is also the possibility that the cord could come unplugged and you will have an angry customer in your drive-thru. Wired drive-thru headsets are lighter on the head than wireless because the battery and buttons are on your hip, however they can be heavy and harder to reach on your waistline.


These drive-thru headsets are going to be worn for eight hours at a time – or even longer on some occasions. If they are uncomfortable, the employees are not going to be happy (and they may not even wear them). Make sure the drive-thru headset you choose is comfortable to wear.

Noise reduction

The extent to which the headset reduces background noise from reaching the customer is another important consideration. Kitchens are noisy environments and the customer could get confused if they can hear other employees in the background or if the headset microphone is picking up too much background noise. Try to find a drive-thru headset that eliminates these potential problems.

Sound quality

It is frustrating to customers when they can’t hear their order-taker, and even more frustrating to employees if they can’t hear their customers. Make sure your drive-thru headset and speaker box microphones and speakers are both high-quality to prevent inaccuracies and dissatisfied customers.

Employee communication

Drive-thru headsets that allow employees to talk to one another are beneficial as well. If an employee is too far away from another employee, instead of yelling back and forth (which could disrupt customer service both in the drive-thru and at the counter), employees can talk over the headsets.

2. Durability

These drive-thru headsets are going to go through some serious wear and tear. They will be dropped, stepped on, twisted, have things spilled on them, they’ll go in and out of freezers and coolers, and they’ll be exposed to sweat as well. Making sure you choose a drive-thru headset that has undergone extensive hardship testing can save you a bundle in repair and replacement costs.

3. Headset Repair Plans

Even the most durable drive thru-headsets are going to break. Make sure the company that provides your drive-thru headsets has a comprehensive repair or replacement plan. A quick service restaurant can’t survive with an inoperable drive-thru.  Professional companies will offer a warranty on new drive-thru headsets, which can save you money on repairs. Also, be sure to choose a headset with a repair plan that is fast, professional, available 24/7, and has a warranty on the repairs.

A couple final notes on repairs: try to choose a drive-thru headset with batteries that charge quickly and are easily replaceable. Also, choose one that is screwed together and not glued together. The glue can come apart on impact or temperature change and is difficult for technicians to work with for repairs.

Drive-thru headsets are essential to a successful drive-thru operation. Choosing the right headset for your business without cutting corners can lead to increased customer flow, faster drive-thru times, greater accuracy in order-taking, and reduced downtime and repair costs.

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