Kitchen Video Systems vs. Receipt Printers: Which Should Your Restaurant Use?

Written by  on 30 September 2015

Technology is changing the way that we do everything—from how we communicate to how we do business. But when was the last time you considered the technology in your kitchen? You may want to consider the benefits of upgrading your receipt printer to a complete kitchen video system.

What’s the difference between printers and kitchen video systems?

Every meal starts with an order, but not all order taking is created equal. In some restaurants, a server may write down the order on a check and either hand-deliver that ticket to the kitchen or enter it into a POS system. From the POS system, the order is then sent to the kitchen. With receipt printers, the order is printed out, so staff can see the items and their accompanying modifiers. With a kitchen video system, the order is displayed on a durable monitor in the kitchen with an accompanying bump bar to scroll through and clear items. Orders entering the kitchen can then be automatically sorted by station or location and put in the specified order based on your selected parameters (like time, course, or takeout).

So how do the two compare in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and waste?


With a receipt printer, kitchen staff can’t begin making orders until the printer spits out the order information. From there, a staff member must decide how to direct the ticket, predicting how long each item will take and estimating how to prepare them so the order is completed together. This more manual process can be slow, and requires an expert staff member to direct your kitchen operations.

With kitchen video systems, items can start being prepared the moment the order is entered into the POS system, streamlining communication from the front-house and the kitchen. The display system then automatically routes the order and organizes items for more efficient preparation.


In a busy kitchen environment, there’s great deal to keep track of. Receipts are one more item your kitchen staff is forced to manage. These tickets can easily become lost or become messy from the greasy environment.

By implementing a kitchen video system, you can prevent lost tickets and clearly display orders for more accurate preparation—no more guessing what the ticket said. Plus, your restaurant can prepare dishes in a consistent manner thanks to displays that show ingredients and build instructions. Your customers will appreciate more accurate and consistent meals.


Receipts are printed, read, and thrown away. Not only are they an expense that’s literally going in the trash, but all this waste is detrimental to the environment.

When you upgrade to a kitchen video system, you can eliminate the cost of refilling your receipt paper and prevent that waste from piling up in landfills. If you have a chain of restaurants printing hundreds of receipts a day, think of the pounds and pounds of paper you could prevent from going to the trash.

Sure, receipt printers may get your restaurant by, but with a complete kitchen video system you can improve your operation’s efficiency, boost accuracy, and prevent unnecessary waste.

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