SaaS: The Benefits of Recurring POS Payments

Written by  on 10 September 2015

Saving money, improving efficiency, and eliminating stress are on the top of any restaurant owner’s to-do list. As you fret over inventory costs and sales reports, what you may not realize is there’s a money guzzler parked in the center of your restaurant—your legacy point of sale system. A simple upgrade to a software as a service (SaaS) point of sale provider can effectively rescue you from your biggest restaurant POS pain points.

SaaS refers to point of sale software that is licensed on a subscription basis and is accessible through the cloud. In contrast, traditional software is installed and maintained on-premise. Essentially, restaurant owners can lease POS software on a monthly, reoccurring payment basis, which leads to a variety of benefits you can apply to your business.

Lower Upfront Costs

SaaS has a much lower initial cost, because you only have to pay for the hardware and the first month subscription fee. With legacy systems, restaurant owners have to fork over tens of thousands of dollars for the hardware and software—only to have to employ an IT professional to set up the computer, implement a server, and install the physical software. Not to mention, owners have to pay to have a professional come back in and install updates and upgrade the system. With SaaS, restaurant owners can completely ditch the costs of implementing servers because the data is stored in the cloud.

Less Financial Risk

When you install traditional point of sale software, you’re making a pretty big investment, coupled with an even bigger commitment. That can be a little risky. What if you’re unhappy with their software? What if their service isn’t up to par? Or worse, what if the company goes under? You’re left with thousands in the hole and very large POS paperweight.

SaaS providers are imperatively more involved in maintaining your business, because at any time you have the option to change providers. As the term implies, SaaS is founded on the service aspect. As such, there’s much less risk that your investment will go to waste, because your provider has a greater obligation to provide software, updates, and service. 

Updates Included

Your recurring monthly fee covers any updates to your software, which enables you to better budget for the year. Rather than worrying that a new patch or update could hit your business with a huge fee, you have the assurance that the latest software will be automatically downloaded to your devices.

These more frequent and consistent updates also protect your business from security breaches. The latest software can guard your data from costly attacks.


Your monthly fee for SaaS also empowers you to pay for only what you need. Rather than guessing about how much server space you might need down the road, you can focus on your current needs. As your business grows, so too can your service. Need to add more terminals? Instead of facing the entire process of having an IT professional reconfigure your system, you can simply download the software to your new hardware by upgrading your monthly plan.

SaaS is the smart alternative for your point of sale software needs. Save your budget, ditch the risk, get the updates, and grow your business with a monthly subscription.

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