Why Every QSR Needs Digital Signage and Menu Boards

Written by  on 24 July 2015

Your customers’ experience starts the moment they enter the building. Digital signage in the form of menu boards, order confirmation boards, and drive-thru displays can give your customers the wow-factor that’ll keep them coming back. Implementing a modern display can offer your business a variety of benefits, keeping you from falling to competitors.

Ease of Changes

Traditional menu boards can be difficult to update, involving physically removing menu boards. For restaurants that offer different menu items at various times of the day, this can be a frustrating and time consuming process. Out of a menu item or running a promotion on one? You’ll need a whole new menu board using the traditional system. With digital signage you can easily update your menu for new items, sold out items, promotions, and even have it automatically change the menu for different parts of the day.

With the upcoming regulations regarding nutritional information, restaurants will need to display calories, fat, and sodium levels in each menu item. Moving to digital signage makes updating your menu to meet state and federal regulations easier.

Digital signage even lets managers or chain owners update menus remotely. So if a new promotion rolls out, managers can easily update all restaurants’ prices from a single location. This provides a way for businesses to maintain unified menus and prices at all their establishments.

Upselling and Promotion

Digital signage provides much more than a static menu board offers—including upselling and promotion. By integrating your POS system and digital signage, screens can display complimentary items based on what’s being entered into the POS.

Your digital signage can also be integrated with your inventory management. So when you have an excess of a certain item, your signage can automatically display promotions for that item. It also works for items that are due to expire soon, preventing wasted food from spoilage. It’s all programmable based on parameters set by the manager.

The real-time capabilities that digital signage provides empowers managers to make decisions based on current influences. For example, on very hot summer days, adding an ice cream promotion can be quite enticing. Managers can measure how effective the promotions are with analytics from their POS system.

Enhances Customer Experience

The added visual experience of digital signage can decrease customers’ perceived wait time by up to 15 percent. Plus, order confirmation boards can increase the speed and accuracy of your restaurant, increasing customer satisfaction.

Digital signage also allows managers to create a more consistent brand image by remotely controlling the menu image. This creates a unified experience for customers—no matter what location they enter.

The vibrant colors and images on digital signage are more engaging for customers. Digital signage experiences 10x more eye contact than static signage. The mouthwatering images can encourage customers to try a new item or add a combo to their meal.

Reduce costs

The traditional static menu board requires substantially more logistics. Restaurants have to order menus from an agency and coordinate delivery to their locations. Digital menu boards eliminate all of that. Instead, the board is designed and installation is as simple as uploading the file.


All of these benefits can also be added to your drive-thru menu board. The easy to read menu on vibrant outdoor digital signage can increase your customers’ satisfaction. It works equally well for increasing ticket size by providing point of purchasing marketing for complimentary items. Additionally, restaurants will see the time and cost savings benefits associated with digital menu boards.

From a sleek look to lower costs, it’s easy to see the wide variety of benefits that come from investing in digital signage.

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