How Quick Service Restaurants Benefit From Conversational Ordering

Written by  on 01 July 2015

Quick service restaurants thrive on speed. Convenience is what appeals to busy customers who need a bite to eat on the go. Offering a quick service can also be difficult to achieve. A new menu item or a new employee can throw off the speed and accuracy of your quick service restaurant, leaving customers frustrated.

Instead, implementing a point of sale system that incorporates conversational ordering can improve accuracy and speed of service while reducing training time. You’ll see happier customers and higher profits.

What is Conversational Ordering?

Conversational ordering is a feature in quick service point of sale systems that allows employees to take orders in the same way that customers normally speak them, creating a more natural exchange.

Previous point of sale systems required employees to enter orders in a specific sequence. For example, if a customer ordered a combo meal, the employee would have to enter the entire order before moving on to the next. If they moved on, they wouldn’t be able to make modifications without voiding the item. With the addition of conversational ordering, employees can better keep up with customer orders and make modifications to orders without having to interrupt the customer. They can easily make adjustments to an item or combo when able, without having to void the order and start over.

Greater Accuracy

Because antiquated point of sale systems required that items be entered in a specific order, employees would have to be sure that customers provided the right information at the right time. If they missed the details, it would be difficult or impossible to go back and make adjustments. Orders may have to be voided entirely. This led to more frequent mistakes.

With conversational ordering, employees can enter modifications at any point. So even if a customer forgot to say what side or size they wanted, the employee can ask at the end. This allows employees to easily adjust orders to meet customer needs.  Customers can even change their mind mid-order with minimal disruption.

Speed of Service

Conversational ordering is much faster than previous POS ordering techniques because it follows the natural flow of customer orders. When entering complex orders, employees can enter partial orders and quickly move on to the next while the customer continues their order. They can easily return to previous items and make adjustments when the customer has made a decision. This streamlines the order process and reduces the time required to interrupt customers or void and re-enter items. The order is sent to the kitchen faster, so orders are received faster as well. This improved speed helps quick service restaurants meet the high demands of customers.

Shorter Training Time

Employees find it easier to pick up on conversational ordering, because it is much more intuitive. The process allows employees to maintain eye contact throughout the process, making it feel more natural. POS systems that use conversational ordering make it easier for employees to upsell as well. They won’t have to void an item to change a size or include a side, so they can feel confident when asking customers if they want an upgrade. This leads to greater sales with less stress on employees.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

When you combine all of these benefits, you’ll see higher customer satisfaction. Customers enjoy the ease of ordering without interruptions. The improved speed with conversational ordering means the kitchen will receive and complete orders faster, so customers can get their food and get on their way. The added convenience of conversational ordering will be sure to make customers want to return to your business.

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