Android Pay: Another Reason Restaurants Should Accept Mobile Payments

Written by  on 29 June 2015

Google has recently announced its latest addition to the technology marketplace—Android Pay. This new tech rivals Apple Pay and boasts many improvements from Google Wallet. The up-and-coming features of Android Pay point to the rising customer demand for mobile payment technology to be available everywhere purchases are made.

Android Pay’s latest features highlight what modern consumers are asking for—faster, convenient payments, in-app purchases, built-in loyalty programs, and added security. Juniper Research, a telecommunications research firm, predicts that by 2017, NFC-enabled payments will total $180 billion annually. Your restaurant can tap into that revenue and many other features by accepting mobile payments like Android Pay.

Convenient In-Store Purchases

Today’s consumers are constantly on the go. When it comes to paying for meals, they don’t want to waste time fumbling through their purses or wallets looking for the right card. Android Pay is NFC enabled and allows customers to program a variety of debit, credit, and gift cards. They can then easily tap their smartphone against the POS terminal, confirm the payment, and go on their way.

In-App Payments

Many restaurants are jumping on the mobile bandwagon in more ways than one—and seeing great payouts. Restaurants like Panera Bread have turned to mobile apps for online ordering. The added convenience of being able to order and pay online and simply pick-up in store—without waiting in line—appeals to busy consumers.

With that convenience in mind, Android Pay created a feature that lets customers easily pay with a single tap of their finger. By simply clicking “Buy with Android Pay” within the restaurant’s app, they won’t have to enter their card and personal information every time they make a purchase. They can order on the go and pickup in store with added speed and accuracy.

Loyalty Programs

Encouraging repeat purchases is just as important as driving new customers into your restaurant. Android Pay lets you create mobile loyalty programs. NFC payment is a two-way communication, allowing you to send loyalty points and coupons directly to customers’ smartphones when they make a purchase. Customers won’t have to fumble with paper coupons or keep track of loyalty and gift cards. Instead, it’s all stored electronically and kept right at their fingertips with Android Pay.


With the recent increase in fraud associated with magnetic stripe cards, consumers are looking for a safer alternative. Android Pay was built with security at its heart, which is beneficial to both consumers and restaurateurs. Card information is never actually exchanged. Rather, a virtual account number that represents the cardholder’s information is sent to the POS terminal. This keeps that valuable card information safely tucked away. Spotting suspicious activity is easier too, because consumers can keep track of purchases and receive payment confirmations right on their phones. If their phone is lost, Android Pay allows customers to instantly lock their device through the Android Device Manager.

Customers want peace of mind with each transaction—your restaurant included. Additionally, upgrading to a POS system that supports NFC provides you with the opportunity to meet the EMV (Europay/MasterCard/Visa) standards, an added security measure for your restaurant and your customers.

Keeping customers’ needs in mind, it’s clear that mobile payments are the future of restaurant payment processing. Android Pay is just one more example of the features consumers are asking for.

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