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Get to Know the Company behind Focus POS Software

Focus POS has been providing restaurant management software for more than 20 years. Their cutting edge point of sale software solutions have been installed at more than 10,000 unique locations worldwide. Focus POS software aims to simplify daily operations, empowering restaurant managers to promote efficient processes, increase productivity, improve profitability, and deliver business value.

Many well-known quick service restaurants trust Focus POS software for their operations, including Popeye’s, Arby’s, KFC, and many more. RSS is an authorized vendor and provides Focus POS Systems’ solutions to our customers across the country.

Focus POS Software Features

The restaurant industry, particularly quick service, revolves around efficiency. Customers have high expectations for speed and quality of service. Focus POS software can help restaurants streamline their operations with features specifically for fast food or fast casual establishments. Focus POS software enables managers to customize screen layouts, for the most intuitive interface possible. Place popular items within easy reach for faster checkout times.

Suggestive selling features will enable associates to easily and confidently upsell or cross-sell, boosting ticket size and improving your bottom line. With conversational ordering, staff members will be able to enter orders the same way customers place them, improving speed of service. Focus POS software also includes high speed credit card processing for faster transactions.

Key Features:

  • Customizable menus
  • Suggestive selling
  • Conversational ordering
  • High speed credit card processing
  • Intelligent interface
  • Packaged commands

Integrate Focus POS Software

Quick service point of sale doesn’t operate in a vacuum, so Focus POS offers software with a variety of integration options - like solutions from QSR Automations - to streamline your entire operation. With a completely integrated business, you’ll be able to access information from the front end to the back end and everything in between. With this data at your fingertips, you can make more informed business decisions, bolstering your bottom line.

Kitchen Display System

By integrating your kitchen display system, orders placed on your POS will be immediately displayed on monitors in the kitchen. This process is more accurate than printers, where tickets can easily get lost. Employees can see the exact order and modifications, allowing precise preparation.


For QSRs that have a drive-thru operation, Focus POS software will work with your drive-thru controls. Improve order accuracy with confirmation boards that display what’s entered into the POS, allowing customers to double-check orders and prices.

ERP and Accounting

Integrate the front end and back end functions of your business. By integrating your ERP and POS systems, you’ll be able to view and compare data on sales, inventory, and cost metrics. With centralized information, you can make better business decisions.

Restaurant Video Surveillance

Prevent theft from employees and customers with integrated closed caption television. By integrating CCTV with your restaurant POS, you have the option to set video recording to automatically begin when unusual activity occurs on your POS, including “freebies” given to employees’ friends and more.

The POS experts at RSS can answer all your Focus POS software questions to help you determine if the features are right for your quick service restaurant. Contact us today.


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