Panasonic Attune II Digital Drive-Thru System

Product Overview

For quick-service restaurant operators (QSRs), silence in the drive-through lane as customers give their orders equals success. That’s why Panasonic Solutions’ Attune II Digital Drive-Thru System offers the most effective noise-cancelling headset system in the industry. Like all Panasonic products, the system is built not only to incorporate features that maximize the potential for profitability, but also to last—providing the highest possible return on investment.

Features and Specifications

  • Spread spectrum design
  • Utilizes restricted 1.9 GHz band with regulated Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) voice technology protocol
  • Advanced digital noise reduction
  • Echo canceller component
  • One-touch, hands-free operation setting
  • Comes in durable all-in-one and belt pack styles
  • User buttons have positive-feel contact switches and finger guides
  • Water- and puncture-resistant switch covers and gaskets
  • Full duplex mode
  • Audible vehicle detection tone
  • Allows operation of up to 32 order-takers per base station
  • Resident memory for retention of partial orders when battery runs out
  • Language option (English, Spanish, and French) with voice prompts
  • Customizable order-taker function buttons to match other manufacturers’ drive-through communications systems


  • Restricted GHz band and regulated DECT voice technology protocol allow interference-free communications not possible with order-taking systems that use unrestricted 2.4 GHz band and are subject to interference from microwave ovens, cellular phones, and wireless network routers. Interference-free communication ensures order-taking speed and accuracy, increasing customer satisfaction, encouraging repeat business, and bolstering profitability of drive-through operation.
  • Advanced digital noise reduction eliminates ambient noise while echo canceller prevents echo interference, also enabling more rapid, accurate order acceptance and taking customer satisfaction to new levels.
  • Digital packet diversity virtually eliminates communication “dead spots” and signal-fading, facilitating order-taking and leading to happier customers.
  • Hands-free operation option allows continuous customer contact, supporting increased customer engagement and upselling.
  • Pressure limiters surrounding buttons and seal to frame guard against over-use and increase reliability.
  • Switch covers and gaskets protect internal circuitry and components to withstand even the harshest environments.
  • User-friendly base station makes initial setup and troubleshooting fast and easy, with no codes to look up or decipher.
  • Language options and voice prompts make it easy for all employees to power-up headset identification numbers, switch operating modes (talk-lock, auto-talk-lock, etc.) and engage in basic troubleshooting.
  • Operation in full duplex mode allows crew members to hear customers at all times.
  • Audible vehicle detection tone lets crew members greet customers without delay and begin taking orders faster.


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