HME Wireless IQ Headset System

2nd Generation Digital

HME HeadsetRSS is proud to sell and support the HME Wireless IQ System. Hear the Difference!

Our leading digital Wireless IQ system just got better. Enhanced noise cancellation makes inbound sound even clearer. A new advanced speaker system designed specifically for the drive-thru creates a better experience for your customers. The next generation of digital communication is here!

If You Haven’t Already ‘Gone Digital’, Now’s the Time!
Tired of repairing your old, out-dated equipment? Are your service times bogging you down? Is order accuracy a ‘hit or miss’ event? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these three questions, it may be time for you to ‘go digital.’ Give us a call today!

HME’s industry leading digital drive-thru Wireless IQ system just got better. Enhanced noise cancellation makes the customer’s order even clearer which improves the speed and accuracy of your crew. A new advanced speaker system designed specifically for the drive-thru, creates a better overall experience for your customers.

Mix and match three headset models.The cordless Odyssey IQ for all-in-one convenience, the Wireless IQ belt-pac for easy access and operation, or the latest cost-saving Odyssey, “Listen-Only” headset. All of the Wireless IQ headsets are comfortable and lightweight and offer superior, consistent sound clarity.

HME Headset

A Different Kind of Headset

  • Boosts Crew Member Efficiency Odyssey IQ’s integrated digital noise cancellation makes inbound orders easy to understand.
  • Improves Customer Experiences A customized drive-thru speaker enhances sound clarity and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Most Comfortable Odyssey IQ is the most comfortable all-in-one headset on the market and weighs only 4.75 ounces.
  • The Ultimate in Reliability Built with a minimum of moving parts,Odyssey IQ is durable and highly reliable.
HME Beltpac

A Different Kind of Belt-Pac

  • Cleaner, Clearer Sound Fifth generation digital noise cancellation dramatically improves clarity and order accuracy
  • Compact Size Wireless IQ fits in the palm of your hand and is by far the smallest belt-pac on the market.
  • Durable and Reliable Headsets with superior strength steel cables and belt-pacs with completely sealed buttons make Wireless IQ extremely durable and reliable.

Wireless IQ Product Brochure

Independent studies have proven that digital drive-thru systems significantly improve speed of service time, order accuracy, and outbound speaker clarity.

Digital Vs. Analog


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