Restaurant Back Office Software

Have better control of your restaurant with a back office POS

Restaurants can be hectic places; particularly when it comes to quick service establishments. With employees rushing to fill orders and customers often in a hurry to grab their meals and go, it’s imperative that the flow of business not be disrupted. That’s why restaurant back office software is an essential tool for you business restaurant.

A back office POS enables managers to pull reports, schedule employees, and perform other necessary tasks from the calm privacy of an office, empowering managers to control profit at the store level.


Why use a back office POS system?

Restaurant back office software is advantageous in a number of ways

The driving factor behind the implementation of restaurant back office software is that it ensures sensitive information about the business remains secure and allows managers and owners the opportunity to view real-time sales data and historical trends. A back office POS solution will also provide an overall view of inventory at the PLU level.

Restaurant back office software allows managers to keep tabs on items in inventory down to the very ingredient, drastically decreasing spoiled food waste and enabling establishments to cut costs. Ultimately, restaurant back office software provides peace of mind, as well as the tools that managers need to understand historical performance and the success of the business.

Benefits of a back office POS system

  • Handle sensitive business information within the privacy of your office
  • Free up POS systems in the front of house from management reviewing reports
  • Archive and access large amounts of historical data
  • Audit log controls and monitor all activity

ARMOR Back Office POS, ARMOR Connect, and ARMOR Home Office

ARMOR restaurant back office software delivers the benefit of a back office POS solution regardless of your POS platform. Providing all of the tools necessary for a restaurant manager to control profit at the store level, ARMOR restaurant back office software allows an organization to establish a program of accepted efficiency standards. From inventory, to sales tracking, to labor management, following uniquely tailored efficiency standards will allow restaurants to run more smoothly and cost-effectively.

The web-based reporting tool ARMOR Connect, an extension of ARMOR Back Office, displays reports on sales, labor, inventory and operations for day, week, and period. Above store reporting is also available with ARMOR Home Office software. Quick service restaurant owners who manage multiple locations benefit most from this piece of software installed at a corporate office. ARMOR Home Office aggregates multiple store data into a common dashboard report. It can also export many different accounting software packages. This provides a “one stop shop” for restaurant owners and managers.

Interested in learning more?

Ask us how an ARMOR back office POS can help your business maximize profit and reduce expenses.


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